Hi. I’m Kelsey, a project management enthusiast and the author of the GoalGetter blog. On this site, I share reflections on the pursuit of extraordinary achievement and resources to guide you on your own journey.

But first, a little about me:
I believe a goal-focused life is the most effective path to meaning. I’m a hyper-organized, type A person who sorts things in alphabetical or rainbow order just for fun. I enjoy scheduling in my free time, and I like to think of of tasks and chores in terms of the energy I expend to complete them.

What am I doing with this blog?
I have a heart for encouraging others, and an itch to write down my thoughts. I also want to share what I’ve learned in my constant pursuit of excellence. I’ve noticed many benefits that accompany my organized approach to life. I want to serve and encourage people, and my hope is that I can inspire people to consider the world from a different point of view, even if it’s only for a few minutes each week.

How am I going to do it?
I’ll be sharing tricks that I’ve learned in my career to help me become efficient and productive. All you have to do is read them, or watch them on my YouTube channel. Feel free to email or comment on the posts to offer your thoughts and opinions. I’m definitely interested in seeing the world from your perspective, too!

If this interests you, keep reading.