Making the most of your minutes

Our days are made up of hundreds of minutes. If my calculations are correct, a day is made up of 1,440 minutes to be precise. Feel free to double check me, I was never that great at math. We always wonder where the time has gone. Years pass by so quickly. But those years are… Continue reading Making the most of your minutes


Turn that quick Phase Into a useful Habit!

I’m an all or nothing kind of person. If I make a plan to do something, I DO it. I’m big on phases:  whether it has to do with my make-up, fashion, diet, activities... a lot of these phases have cost me a lot of wasted money and time that I can never get back.… Continue reading Turn that quick Phase Into a useful Habit!


Reading Recap – Building a Story Brand

Title and Author: Building a Story Brand, Donald Miller Year Published: 2017 Page Count: 207   My Personal Summary: Donald Miller’s work is always impressive, even in this new genre of book. He is skilled at addressing his target market, and providing them with the applicable tools they need to succeed. He walks readers through… Continue reading Reading Recap – Building a Story Brand


Adding to my Podcast Library – July

I'm always listening to podcasts! I don’t know why I’m so addicted to them, but I am. Anytime I find a new podcast, I get super excited, and can’t wait to share everything I’m learning with people around me. If you follow me on instagram (@goalgetterinsta) you've probably seen some of my favorites. Here are… Continue reading Adding to my Podcast Library – July

Personal Development

Setting Your Own Success Measures

I haven’t been a full-time student for over 4 years now. I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree in May of 2014, and even though I’ve been working full-time ever since, I still have trouble adjusting in the summer time. Summer has always meant freedom from schedules, doing whatever I want, sleeping in, and having fun… Continue reading Setting Your Own Success Measures

Personal Development

Changing our Perspectives

I’m not big into politics. This is because I really don’t like first instinct is to just run as far as I can away from conflict, and politics tend to involve lots of strongly held clashing opinions. Why can’t we all just get along? But in the times that I have followed politics, here’s… Continue reading Changing our Perspectives


What is Work/Life balance?

Millennials and Gen-Xers are the generations of work/life balance. No longer is the workforce mainly comprised of those willing to sell their souls to the bottom line. Instead, it’s full of a majority of people who work to live. They spend 9 hours a day at a desk so that they can live life to… Continue reading What is Work/Life balance?

Discipline, Family

We’re Debt Free!

On June 30, 2018, Matt and I made our final debt payment. We both had roughly $85 thousand dollars of student debt, combined. It was all student loans - we both went to private undergraduate schools, and he went to a private school for his Master's degree. This was the first big challenge we ever… Continue reading We’re Debt Free!