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Ask the Experts! – Question 1: Work/Life Balance – Part 1

For the next few months, I’m going to be trying something new. There are lots of intelligent, funny, wise people in the blogosphere out there. I love reading their posts every week, so now I want to share some of their thoughts with you. I’ve picked a few wide-ranging topics that just about everyone has… Continue reading Ask the Experts! – Question 1: Work/Life Balance – Part 1

Personal Development

When Good Goals Go Bad

 My whole life I’ve been what you might call “strong-willed.” My parents had one child before me. My older brother was a sweet baby, simple to take care of, and easy to parent. They always asked each other, “why do people think parenting is so hard? This is a breeze!” And then I was… Continue reading When Good Goals Go Bad

Discipline, Personal Development

2018 Goals

You might have guessed that with the title “GoalGetter,” I like setting and achieving goals. If so, you guessed correctly. I want to share these goals with you, and then check in on them later in the year and see how I’m doing!    I set goals in the following areas: Financial, physical, knowledge/intellectual,… Continue reading 2018 Goals

Family, Personal Development

Goal Getter Summit 2017

In late November, Matt and I took a long weekend away as a mini-vacation. During that time, we relaxed and rested, but the main purpose of the trip was to plan our annual goals for 2018. We spent a significant portion of our time away planning what our dreams are for the next three years,… Continue reading Goal Getter Summit 2017

Discipline, Productivity

Why you should change the way you view time

Time is a limited resource. Once you’ve used it, you can’t get it back. We’ve all been there: You sit down at your desk in the morning with a fresh cup of coffee and a “can-do” attitude, ready to tackle the day. You’re going to clear those piles of work off of your desk by… Continue reading Why you should change the way you view time