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The Importance of Emotional Intelligence

“I’m sorry.” She said, “I’m not actually mad at you. I’m mad at other situations, and you just happened to get caught up in the middle of it.”  I’ve heard that sentence, or something like it, too many times. The frustrating thing for me is that it doesn’t have to be a problem. “Emotional… Continue reading The Importance of Emotional Intelligence


Reading Recap – The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Title and author: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Steven R. Covey Subtitle: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change Year Published: 1988 Page Count: 329   My Personal Summary I’ve heard about this book for years, and I’m glad I finally got to read it and take it off my “must read” list. This book… Continue reading Reading Recap – The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People


Mini-Post: Wearable Fitness Trackers

I was driving to the gym this morning, going faster than I probably should have been. I’d been 5 minutes behind schedule since I woke up. For some reason, I couldn’t seem to move my body fast enough to get ready on time, and now I was trying to make up for that by driving… Continue reading Mini-Post: Wearable Fitness Trackers

Ask The Experts

Ask the Experts – Question 1: Work/Life Balance – Part 2

For the next few months, I’m going to be trying something new. There are lots of intelligent, funny, wise people in the blogosphere out there. I love reading their posts every week, so now I want to share some of their thoughts with you. I’ve picked a few wide-ranging topics that just about everyone has… Continue reading Ask the Experts – Question 1: Work/Life Balance – Part 2

Personal Development

How to be Taken Seriously

I’m a young adult in the workplace, I constantly feel the struggle of trying to be taken seriously. As a woman in a male-dominated industry, that struggle is often compounded. I’ve been called “baby,” “honey,” “kiddo,” and “sweetheart.” I don’t know how to correct people, in a way that doesn't feel defensive. So what do… Continue reading How to be Taken Seriously


Mini-Post: Female Ambition

I was talking with a male coworker once about another one of our female peers. I told him that I’d asked for her advice on something, and he said this to me: “She’s highly respected here. She’d be good to get close to. But she’s also very ambitious, so be careful. She might try to… Continue reading Mini-Post: Female Ambition

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The Most Toxic Workplace Habit

 I’ve been in situations where it feels like I have to gossip about somebody in order to feel like I fit in. Sometimes we’re just surrounded by negative people, whose default conversation is one that tears others down. I will admit that I’ve succumbed to that temptation. I’ve been in positions where I want… Continue reading The Most Toxic Workplace Habit


Mini-Post: Lifelong Learner

I’ve always wanted to make sure I’m a life-long learner. I’ve told people (only half-joking) that I want to collect post-graduate degrees like some people collect stamps. I really enjoy being a student. You read textbooks, take quizzes, participate in discussions... I did it for so long that I eventually became an expert at it.… Continue reading Mini-Post: Lifelong Learner

Discipline, Personal Development

5 Tips to Survive Whole 30

Back in August 2017, my husband and I decided to go on a Whole30 cleanse. If you’ve never heard of Whole30, I recommend you click here. It’s basically a very strict diet regimen that focuses on eating whole, clean, unprocessed foods.  I knew doing Whole 30 would be challenging: I’ve been pretty addicted to… Continue reading 5 Tips to Survive Whole 30


Mini-Post: GoalGetting vs. Striving for Perfection

A few weeks into starting the planning process for this blog, I attended a bible study with some very wise women. We were discussing how much pressure we all feel to strive for constant perfection. There’s so much content out there on social media that encourages us to be perfect in appearance, in parenting, in… Continue reading Mini-Post: GoalGetting vs. Striving for Perfection