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Ask the Experts! – Question 1: Work/Life Balance – Part 3

For the next few months, I’m going to be trying something new. There are lots of intelligent, funny, wise people in the blogosphere out there. I love reading their posts every week, so now I want to share some of their thoughts with you. I’ve picked a few wide-ranging topics that just about everyone has… Continue reading Ask the Experts! – Question 1: Work/Life Balance – Part 3


Mini-Post: Female Ambition

I was talking with a male coworker once about another one of our female peers. I told him that I’d asked for her advice on something, and he said this to me: “She’s highly respected here. She’d be good to get close to. But she’s also very ambitious, so be careful. She might try to… Continue reading Mini-Post: Female Ambition


Mini-Post: Lifelong Learner

I’ve always wanted to make sure I’m a life-long learner. I’ve told people (only half-joking) that I want to collect post-graduate degrees like some people collect stamps. I really enjoy being a student. You read textbooks, take quizzes, participate in discussions... I did it for so long that I eventually became an expert at it.… Continue reading Mini-Post: Lifelong Learner