Mini-Post: Lifelong Learner

I’ve always wanted to make sure I’m a life-long learner. I’ve told people (only half-joking) that I want to collect post-graduate degrees like some people collect stamps. I really enjoy being a student. You read textbooks, take quizzes, participate in discussions… I did it for so long that I eventually became an expert at it.

Now that I’ve earned my MBA, I’m not quite sure what to do with myself. It’s kind of like I’ve had this career for 18 years, and now I’m retiring. It’s a big adjustment to make, and though I do want to get more graduate degrees later, it will be a long time until I do.

So while I’m on a school hiatus, I’m going to focus on other activities that I can do to supplement my learning.

You don’t have to be in a classroom to learn. We’re lucky to have so many resources conveniently at our fingertips that are both interesting and educational.

Take podcasts, for instance. I absolutely love podcasts. If I ever had a catchphrase, it would be “so I heard this thing on this podcast today,” because I’m always talking about something interesting I heard. I’m a regular listener of at least 10, and I love finding new podcasts to add to the list.

Another great resource is an old classic: books. I think we do ourselves a disservice when we spend hours watching TV instead of taking time to really expand our learning. Books are a great source of entertainment and knowledge, and there are so many out there in every genre imaginable.

Be a lifelong learner, expand your brain, look for new ways to have new experiences! You won’t regret it.

2 thoughts on “Mini-Post: Lifelong Learner”

  1. I think the learning never stops and like you said you don’t need to be in a classroom to learn. Also a lot of knowing comes from the experience you gain in your everyday life and the situations you go through.

    1. Well said, Cristina. I completely agree! Even if you learn a concept in the classroom, sometimes it doesn’t really sink in until you apply what you’ve learned in everyday life!

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