Mini-Post: GoalGetting vs. Striving for Perfection

A few weeks into starting the planning process for this blog, I attended a bible study with some very wise women. We were discussing how much pressure we all feel to strive for constant perfection. There’s so much content out there on social media that encourages us to be perfect in appearance, in parenting, in marriage, and in work.

We all know that people post the most artificial parts of their lives on social media, and we don’t get to see the other 99% of their lives that are less than perfect. But still, somehow, it affects us. We still feel the pressure to be better and strive to reach that level of perfection.

This thought weighed heavily on me for weeks. In creating this blog, would I be only adding to the cacophony of already abundant voices that scream, “you’re not good enough! Do what I say, and you’ll be one step closer to perfection!” The last thing that I want this blog to be is something that makes others feel like they are less.

It almost made me want to quit before I even published my first post. What’s the point in creating this platform if all I’m going to do is contribute the same nonsense that the world already sees every day? What’s my purpose in writing this if I’m only going to make people feel even worse about themselves?

It took me an embarrassingly long time to realize that I actually have control over the content that is released on this blog. Even more so, because at the time of the writing of this particular post, I hadn’t even published anything on the blog yet, so I could modify any future posts before they are published.

So let me explain how my content is now and will always be different from what you might see elsewhere:


GoalGetting is not Striving

Striving, to me, has a connotation of negativity to it. The more you strive, the more desperate you feel. We strive for perfection. At some level, we accept that we will probably never reach it, but due to our own insecurities and lack of self worth, we keep striving.


GoalGetting is Engaging

When setting and then working toward our goals, we are activating all of our senses. We are enriching our work environment. We are cultivating our relationships with our spouses, our children, and our friends. We are enhancing our intelligence, and refining our skills. We are engaging with the world around us. Focus on what you are, and what you are doing, rather than what you’re lacking.


GoalGetting Recognizes and Embraces Imperfections

Our imperfections do a few things for us:

  • They make us unique
    • If everyone did everything perfectly, the world would be a very boring place.
  • They make our talents stand out
    • When you focus on polishing and refining your strengths, instead of improving your weaknesses, you can master a few things, rather than be “Pretty good” at many things.
  • They teach us to be resilient
    • Being strong through difficult times is a fantastic way to learn resilience, which is a vital personality trait. Often, our own imperfections or weaknesses bring on these hard times.
  • They teach us to work hard for what we want
    • If there’s something you want, but there’s a roadblock in the way, you might have to learn a few things to get over the impediment. For example, if you want to be a doctor, but you’re not very organized, you’ll have to work really hard, and learn a few time management skills to graduate medical school.

I try to embrace imperfections, and I encourage you to set goals that recognize those imperfections. If you’re striving for perfection, you might have to pretend that weaknesses don’t even exist. Doing this would be setting yourself up for failure and disappointment.


GoalGetting is Encouraging

It’s my goal (get it?) to be your supporter. I want you to feel like the things I’m recommending are not only beneficial, but attainable as well.

I’m not a genius who has everything in her life figured out. I’ve got faults and problems. I never want this blog to seem like it’s coming from someone who’s got a perfect plan. It’s coming from someone who has hopes and dreams, and is just trying to make the most out of the short time that she’s got on this earth.

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