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Ask the Experts! – Question 1: Work/Life Balance – Part 1

For the next few months, I’m going to be trying something new. There are lots of intelligent, funny, wise people in the blogosphere out there. I love reading their posts every week, so now I want to share some of their thoughts with you.

I’ve picked a few wide-ranging topics that just about everyone has an opinion on, and I’ve asked these blogging experts for their input. I’m so excited for you to read what they have to say to these questions.

I reached out to 15 bloggers that I admire, expecting that I’d only hear back from 5-6, but I was absolutely blown away by their generous responses. The overwhelming number of responses I received means that I have way more content in this series than I expected, and that means that I get to break each of these topics up into multiple posts! Once a week for the rest of February, you’ll get to see how these bloggers tackle this tough topic.

Without further ado, let’s hear what they have to say, shall we?


This month’s topic is “Work/Life Balance: Why is it important, and how do you recommend doing it?”

First, we’ll hear from Damon Ashworth. He’s a practicing clinical psychologist who also maintains a super interesting and successful blog. He writes about this topic in his blog post titled “10 Characteristics of Successful People.


“If no time is dedicated to personal growth, spiritual growth, health, relaxation, leisure, relationships and community, it becomes difficult to have the well-being, vitality, meaning and support required to achieve ongoing success.”

Our next expert blogger writes for the Shining Gem. He writes blog posts about wide-ranging, thought-provoking topics that are sure to intrigue any reader. (Side-note, it doesn’t relate to this topic at all, but please read his post about “Multi Level Marketing. LOVE IT.) He writes about work/life balance in his blog post “Ships are safer in the harbour but they are not meant for the same.”


One can’t sit in the comforts of their home and expect good things to happen. They need to get out of their comfort zone, get out there in the real world and face the challenges of life….even a person doesn’t need to be always out of their comfort zone and be a bit uncomfortable, on the edge all the time. A balance is always required. Sometimes, all one needs is to relax for a while, be comfortable and enjoy life.”

Next, we’ll hear from Christy B, who writes for her blog “When Women Inspire.” Can I just say, I absolutely love reading her blog posts. She’s always got such great content, and I love anyone who spotlights strong women who are doing excellent work. Let’s see what she has to say about “work/life” balance in her blog post titled “What do you want to change about you?


Lots of people lead different lifestyles. But some of them just aren’t healthy. When you work so much, however, it can seem hard to get the right lifestyle balance. So, try and make sure you’re doing enough work, rest, and play. A lot of people lead unhealthy lives due to overworking themselves and not leaving enough time for personal activities, such as seeing friends or family. This could be due to money or work-related pressures. Others spend too much time with friends, drinking and spending money, and not enough time on their own, saving. Savings are so important as we get older but it’s easy to forget that. Have a look at your own lifestyle and see what it is you might be able to change.”

Kally, from Middleme, writes about work, professionalism, company culture, and so many other things. She’s always got interesting things to say about work, life, and making the most out of your working hours. Middleme has great, practical, personable advice that always has me coming back, week after week.


In Kally’s post, “14 Life Hacks that Made my life easier as a freelancer (part 1)”, she provides actionable tips about how to create work/life balance in the context of being a freelance writer:

When I am “off work”, it means I am ready to switch off. That means my Skype and other chat accounts that my clients have access to is switched off at 6pm sharp every evening for me to concentrate on my family. I keep a separate account for my friends and family to keep in contact. Sometimes it may mean I need to log in and out of my accounts on the same phone or invest in a second mobile phone if you are lazy or want to be reachable by your loved ones all the time.”


In her post, “How to Balance between Freelancing & Mommyhood,” she talks about how to balance work/life balance when working from home with a baby:

I have been offered many tempting and well-paying jobs by reputable and famous companies. Some of the tasks are really simple due to my experience in it. However, if I have my hands full with my existing clients, I will have to (painfully) turn it down. I won’t let work eat into my precious time with my family. That’s the whole point being a freelancer in the first place – to have the flexibility to choose.”

That wraps up this week’s segment of “Ask the Experts”. In the coming weeks, you’ll hear from one of the writers at Thirty on Tap, Rosie from  Rosie Culture, Dr. Martina Feyzrakhmanova, and more! Stay tuned, next week’s post is FULL of great advice!


Thanks so much for reading this post, I hope you check out all of the blogs that I’ve mentioned in this series. I know you’ll love them as much as I do! I’d love to hear your thoughts and questions about this topic in the comments section below.

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